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May 25, 2007
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Loads of weapons by MikeSinner Loads of weapons by MikeSinner
Yes, another load of weapons. This time with even more different types so anybody can find the tool to please their needs. :evillaugh:

So, let's start with the swords.
First we have the one handed sword, Pravus (means Evil), not exactly your average lightweight one hander. This odly shaped sword is a bit heavier than usual, but it surely does the trick!

The two handed version, Cruor (means Slaughter), is even bigger and thus heavier. Both show their scars of battle, or so it seems, but don't be mistaken, these swords are very tough and somehow manage to stay sharp, no matter what.

Next to that we have the Dual Demon. No fancy name for this axe then, but as plain and simple as it seems, it's still a giant one handed axe sure to satisfy your needs in a heavy fight.

A weird little dagger bearing the suitable name Fatum (actually does mean weird =P), is what's next. A handy little device the cuts both ways and still keeps your hand protected at the same time, very nice indeed.

Impossible to miss next to that is a big two handed axe that seems to wear an evil head. Big Ox might not seem a very interesting name, but it is big and heavy to say the least. Allmost makes you want to scream and shout at your enemy just looking at it. =D

Under the Dual Demon we find the big two handed hammer Big Horn. As you may know solid horn can be even tougher than steel and yet is still lighter, so what better material could be used for this weapon? Strike hard and fast with this light but solid hammer and you're certain to cause great damage!

Next to it is a one handed hammer with the same idea of using horn also making this a light weighted warhammer and a nice looking one too! Caper is it's name and guess what that means??? It surely looks like one and it's ready to charge. =P

Going back to the left we find a big spear/polearm called Dragons Flight. Nothing much to explain about that. Still amazing though how much workmanship goes into making that dragon as detailed as it is. Ofcourse, these wings are not as fragile as normal dragon wings, but made of enforced steel.

Hello archer, have we got the perfect thing for you!!
Meet Expletus!! That means perfect and they sure tried to make it perfect. With your arrow straight in the middle the bow itself can't mess up your shot and with the weight of the bow equally devided it's perfectly ballanced too. Add to that the not extremely large size and you have the perfect bow bring to the battle field, or to carefully snipe down your enemies.

Followed by another spear/polearm category weapon.
The Harvester. Use the right outfit and you might even be mistaken for the Grim Reaper himself!! With this in your hand you are sure to deal great damage and even if your not on the battlefield, man, it sure looks good!! =D

Oh, what's this?? Another one handed little axe. The Demonhead is a small and lightweight axe that not only leaks mean, but makes some mean cuts as well. Sharp and light so a very usefull weapon for massive close combat!

Under it another dagger/cutter category weapon. Though pretty large for a dagger, Morsus (which means Pain) is still rather light and ready for some fast slicing and dicing.

We'll just skip the info on a nameless throwing star, what more is there to tell as long as you know you have to throw them?? =P

Infinity is a wand perfectly suitable for mages who like to cast their spells fast and the nice extra energy you gain from the energy-orb embedded within this wand will help you cast even more spells. Eventhough mages are not very happy with close combat the sharp ends on this wand will still leave their mark when you're in a pinch.

Staff of pure souls is a staff with a different kind of energy orb embedded within, giving it a protecting value to it's user. At the same time it amplifies your lifeforce to cast even more powerfull spells.

Well, that finishes the descriptions of the weapons I made. As usually I used only my 0.5mm HB graphite pen.
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Mercen-X Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2014
The Big Ox and Demonhead look like they could talk. The latter could be the little (yet still possibly older) brother to the other.
MikeSinner Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014
Dude, talking weapons? Really? You got WAAY too much imagination!! =P
Oh, I do like certain talking weapons though. Have you seen Zero no tsukaima? I kinda like Derflinger, even if he is 'just a sword'.
DubstepWraith Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Can I use Cruor for something?
MikeSinner Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013
Well, as long as it's not for killing people....
Seriously though, what did you have in mind, if anything at all at this point, because I am obviously quite late with my reply.
DubstepWraith Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nevermind, I've already designed my own weapon. Very nice work, by the way :)
Davidpoet30 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2011
may i use these in a campaign
Davidpoet30 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2011
may i use these
MikeSinner Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2011
Just remember to give credit to the original creator of any work you use.
Although, I probably wouldn't know if you did use them... =P
Try not to hurt anybody, okay? ;-)
Davidpoet30 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2011
i wont i promise
Zamoysky Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2011
Hi, can I use part of your concepts, to my collection of 3d weapons? :)
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